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How do we do that?

We create innovative, win-win-win (customer-vendor-lender) financing partnerships in underserved niches, with a strong focus on medical and spa equipment.

About Us

Rocket Funding Group is a privately owned equipment financing company. We lend our own capital and also work with a number of outside banks and funding sources. We partner directly with nationally recognized equipment vendors to offer competitive financing rates and terms to entrepreneurs looking to acquire capital equipment of many different types.

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The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race.

Who We Are

We are one of the most flexible lenders specializing in start-ups, non-MDs, and those who may not qualify within traditional lending options.


Matt Sparks

Matt Sparks founded Rocket Funding Group in 2012 to help meet an unmet financing need in the aesthetic medical equipment market. At the outset of the Great Recession in 2007-2008, traditional equipment financing companies and banks became ultra-conservative, not without good reason, but ultimately turning down many deserving applicants.

Our Clients

Novello Testimonital

It was such a pleasure working with Rocket Funding Group! I've been a laser tattoo removal clinic owner for 8 years and wish I would have found Rocket Funding Group sooner.   I was hesitant to even look at new equipment, fearing the amount of time and paperwork involved, and the many many questions to be asked about my personal finances as a small business owner. My previous experience with banks and other medical equipment finance companies prepared me for the worst. HOWEVER...after producing only a fraction of the 'typical' documentation, I was approved within a few days.   My new laser was delivered in less than a week from when I signed the finance application! I will use Rocket Funding Group for all future equipment purchases, and have urged my colleagues to do the same.

Shelley Novello, President INK-B-GONE Laser Tattoo Removal Center


Most business talk about putting their customers first, but one can see in their actions if this is true or not. Rocket has proven through their prompt response, consistent follow up and variety of financing options, that they do in fact put their clients first. For most, an equipment purchase (like an aesthetic laser) can be the single most expensive purchase they will make for their business. This can be a very scary decision and confusing process. Rocket understands and has always taken the time to explain the situation, and walk them through the process step-by-step.The characteristic that really sets Rocket apart is in the variety and number of financing programs they can offer. They are incredibly flexible and are able to work with a wide spectrum of client types. Rocket has helped many of our Quanta customers to reach their goals by helping them to either start or grow their business. They do this by listening, explaining, and getting them the right financing package that helps them to succeed.

Christopher Titsworth Laser Consultant Quanta Aesthetic Lasers ‘North America’s Premier Emerging Aesthetic Device Company’